Doctoral Colloquium Presentation

MSD 310, Lecture hall | 13:30-15:00
15. Sep
15. September 2022 | 13:30 Uhr

Doctoral Colloquium Presentation

IGB doctoral candidates present their research

Richard Mugani: Contribution to the study of the role of bacterioplankton in the regulation and control of the massive proliferation of toxic cyanobacteria in a freshwater lake (dam Takerkoust in Marrakech Morocco)

Mariana Meerhoff (Professor, Universidad de la República (Udelar); IGB Senior Fellow): Global change effects on subtropical freshwater ecosystems’ functioning: some research lines in Uruguay and potential for collaboration 

Hosts: Kirsten Pohlmann, Franz Hölker


Richard Mugani

Aquatische mikrobielle Ökologie

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