Doctoral Colloquium Presentation

14. Dez.
14. Dezember 2023 | 13:30 Uhr

Doctoral Colloquium Presentation

MSD310, Hörsaal & online | 13:30-15:00

IGB doctoral candidates Vanderville Villegas and Sai Hariharan present their research

Vanderville Villegas: Exploring the influence of nanoplastics on parasitic infection in Daphnia: A microbiome perspective

Sai Hariharan: Spatial and temporal metagenomic analysis of the Oder river microbiome following the appearance of the toxic algae Prymnesium parvum in August 2022

Hosts: Kirsten Pohlmann, Franz Hölker


Sai Hariharan

Doctoral Researcher
Aquatische mikrobielle Ökologie

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