Dr Elisabeth Varga

MSD310, Hörsaal & online | 13:30-15:00
07. Sep
7. September 2023 | 13:30 Uhr

Dr Elisabeth Varga

Chemistry and Toxicity of Prymnesium parvum toxins

Chemistry and Toxicity of Prymnesium parvum toxins

Abstract: In summer 2022, more than 300 t of fish died in the Oder River in Poland and Germany. These deaths were associated with the haptophytic microalga Prymnesium parvum which normally thrives in brackish water. In this talk background information about Prymnesium parvum will be provided. The focus will be on the one hand on the chemistry of the presumably causative agents, called prymnesins, and on the other hand the current knowledge about the toxicity including mode of action of these compounds.

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