Oleksandra Shumilova

+49 (0)30 64181 675

Müggelseedamm 310, 12587 Berlin


My research is about interplay between organic matter in its various forms (from dissolved to coarse forms such as large wood) and water flow. This implies following subtopics:

  • Effect of instream accumulations of large wood on dynamic of water flow and deposition of sediments;
  • Floating organic material in freshwaters and impact of river fragmentation on its functions and natural cycle;
  • Effect of first flush events on leaching of organic matter and nutrients in intermittent rivers (cooperation with the “1000 Intermittent rivers project” (http://1000_intermittent_rivers_project.irstea.fr/);
  • Modeling nutrient load in catchments with intermittent rivers

January 2019 - present 

Postdoc, Department of Ecohydrology, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, IGB, Berlin, Germany

Project: "Hydrodynamics of fluvial wakes past large in-stream natural objects and their implications for riverbed morphology"

October 2014 –  April 2018

PhD candidate, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme – SMART (Science for Management of Rivers and their Tidal systems, http://riverscience.it/).

Thesis: "Neglected aspects in the alteration of river flow and riverine organic matter dynamics: a global perspective"

Primary Institution: Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Biology, Berlin, Germany

Secondary Insitution: Trento University, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Trento, Italy

October 2012 –  September 2013

Master of Research in Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation (EQF 7) with Distinction, Glyndwr University (United Kingdom)

September 2012 –  October 2013

Master of Science in Ecology and Environmental Protection with Distinction, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine)

September 2008 –  May 2012

Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Use of Natural Resources with Distinction, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Ukraine)





Januar 2022
Alexander N. Sukhodolov; Oleksandra O. Shumilova; Nataliya S. Loboda; Viktor M. Katolikov; Nikolas A. Arnaut; Vitali V. Bekh; Marin A. Usatii; Leonid A. Kudersky; Boris G. Skakalsky

The western steppe rivers: [Chapter 13]

Rivers of Europe/edited by Klement Tockner, et al., Elsevier, 2021. - S. 685-716
Januar 2022
Lluís Gómez-Gener; Andre R. Siebers; María Isabel Arce; Shai Arnon; Susana Bernal; Rossano Bolpagni; Thibault Datry; Giulia Gionchetta; Hans-Peter Grossart; Clara Mendoza-Lera; Vivien Pohl; Ute Risse-Buhl; Oleksandra Shumilova; Ourania Tzoraki; Daniel von Schiller; Alexander Weigand; Gabriele Weigelhofer; Dominik Zak; Annamaria Zoppini


Mai 2019
Maria Isabel Arce; Clara Mendoza-Lera; Maria Almagro; Nuria Catalan; Anna M. Romani; Eugenia Marti; Rosa Gomez; Susana Bernal; Arnaud Foulquier; Michael Mutz; Rafael Marce; Annamaria Zoppini; Giulia Gionchetta; Gabriele Weigelhofer; Ruben del Campo; Christopher T. Robinson; Alan Gilmer; Martin Rulik; Biel Obrador; Oleksandra Shumilova; Sanja Zlatanovic; Shai Arnon; Petr Baldrian; Gabriel Singer; Thibault Datry; Nikos Skoulikidis; Britta Tietjen; Daniel von Schiller
April 2019
Oleksandra Shumilova; Dominik Zak; Thibault Datry; Daniel von Schiller; Roland Corti; Arnaud Foulquier; Biel Obrador; Klement Tockner; Daniel C. Allan; Florian Altermatt; Maria Isabel Arce; Shai Arnon; Damien Banas; Andy Banegas-Medina; Erin Beller; Melanie L. Blanchette; Juan F. Blanco-Libreros ... Anna Maria de Girolamo; Ruben del Campo; Fiona Dyer ... Brian Four; Mark O. Gessner; Pierre Gnohossou ... Annamaria Zoppini; Christiane Zarfl


Januar 2019
T. Datry; A. Foulquier; R. Corti; D. von Schiller; K. Tockner; C. Mendoza-Lera; J. C. Clement; M. O. Gessner ... S. D. Langhans ... P. Rodriguez-Lozano; R. J. Rolls; M. M. Sanchez-Montoya; A. Savic; O. Shumilova; K. R. Sridhar; A. L. Steward; R. Storey; A. Taleb; A. Uzan; Ross Vander Vorste; N. J. Waltham; C. Woelfle-Erskine; D. Zak; C. Zarfl; A. Zoppini

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